Filmteractive 2017 and digital marketing of the future

7th edition of the festival in Łódź and 1st in Warsaw!

Filmteractive 2017 and digital marketing of the future


This year’s edition of Filmteractive, an interactive communication event, will be hosted in October both in Łódź and, for the first time, in Warsaw. The central theme will be brands of the future. Early bird ticket sale is now on.

The speakers of the seventh edition of Filmteractive include representatives of consumer and media brands such as: Facebook, Google, WARC, Deloitte Digital, Allegro, Contently and Pixar. The event addressed to the representatives of the marketing industry will be held on 12 October in the former Printing House in the Warsaw’s Praga district, in Mińska 65 and the central theme will be “Brands of the Future”. On 17 October the Łódź School Film will play host to authors and investors operating in the creative industries, who will have an opportunity to discuss and broaden their perspective of “Content of the Future”.

We want to show how the entire advertising ecosystem has been altered by social changes and digitalisation. Filmteractive is an opportunity to discuss the future of building relationships between brands and consumers and clients and to consider how the current trends in content creation — which underpin today’s marketing communication — have been evolving. The definition of the category in which the brand functions is usually much broader that the range of products and services it offers. Therefore it’s good to learn how to collect information, design the strategy, select tools and use them to build the brand of the future.

Olgierd Cygan, the initiator of the festival and leader of Deloitte Digital CE.

As always the festival will be accompanied by Filmteractive Market. The jury is now debating to select the most disruptive and innovative projects which make a creative use of A/V, games, VR and AR in the area of digital marketing.   The shortlisted projects will be presented both in Warsaw and in Łódź and compete for the main prize of PLN 8 000 and passes to MIPTV in France.

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