The end of distorted statistics in online marketing

Imaad Ahmed will discuss the “dark side” of the social media during the Filmteractive Festival

The end of distorted statistics in online marketing


Research conducted by the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) shows that more than 84 per cent of web content is provided through the “dark social” platforms, that is locations which are hard or impossible to measure for online analytics tools. Nevertheless, 90 per cent of the social media advertising budget is spent on public platforms. Is the marketing industry doomed to unreliable statistics?

The dark social is a term used for describing links made available by means of private messages in the social media. Such a form of exchanging content or recommendations has become so popular that it is preferred by four out of five users. The “dark side” represents a challenge for marketers as it means those ways to enter websites which cannot be detected by such analytics platforms as Google Analytics. At the same time, it questions measurability – one of the major advantages of online marketing.

In practice, the dark social means that conclusions regarding a website, its improvement or campaign optimization are drawn by the brand on the basis of a portion of users only. A full picture of the server traffic is not available and we do not know where a group of users comes from. Thus, the statistics are not complete and it is hard to identify the selected advertising method that is effective.

Olgierd Cygan, originator of the Filmteractive Festival, Deloitte Digital CE Leader

Is the marketing world doomed to unreliable statistics then? How to make use of private message traffic and turn it into a marketing success of the brand? These and a number of other questions will be answered by Imaad Ahmed, Marketing Director at the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), during the Warsaw edition of Filmteractive. In the course of his professional career, Ahmed has successfully increased brand recognition and the extent to which the company’s services are used by its key accounts, both advertising and media agencies and brand and media owners, by implementing diverse content, data and digital strategies. The issue of the “dark social” will also be discussed by Monica Hu, Social Media Senior Consultant at Deloitte Digital UK.
This year, in addition to Łódź (on 17 October), the Filmteractive Festival will take place in Warsaw for the first time (on 12 October). The “Brands of the Future” will be the central theme of this year’s Warsaw edition. The event held in Łódź will focus on strong brands which support culture by creating interesting arts projects - "Content of the Future".

Deloitte Digital is a strategic partner of the initiative.
More information about the Festival is available at

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