About brands of the future and their communication — interview with Artur Kurasiński.
About brands of the future and their communication — interview with Artur Kurasiński.

About brands of the future and their communication — interview with Artur Kurasiński.


October 12th will see the 7th edition of Filmteractive — for the first time the festival will be hosted in Warsaw. Similarly to previous years the main topic of the event will be marketing communication and the way it is affected by new media and technological innovation which transform the existing business models. The host for the festival will be industry commentator Artur Kurasiński.

Filmteractive Festival: Is video really so important in the Internet? Is the storyline becoming more important than the product/brand presentation? 

Artur Kurasiński: Mark Zuckerberg summed up what is happening around us saying that we live in a “golden age of video”. Social networking services compete with one another to be the first to enable users place video files, mobile technologies help generate video contents — not because it is a fad, but because the video is better at converting, drawing attention and impacting users than other static contents (text or photos). The wave of “movable content” brings a new challenge — the one who creates more valuable, better thought-out narration, wins. It’s not about going out and recording anything, but about having a good script and being able to edit the recording so that is suits the needs of a specific audience.
FF: What does the future of brand communication look like: when will the time for VR/AR come? Will a well-developed story always prevail over technology? 

Artur Kurasiński: VR will rather remain a supportive technology. It is rather AR that will be in the front line. The development of AR, thanks to Apple and Google, is unprecedented and has already proven that one does not need costly glasses or a PC to enjoy augmented reality. It is the (mobile) phones that will spark a revolution.

FF: What challenges should today’s brands overcome to not only set trends, but also not to lose the perspective of one’s own future in the market?

Artur Kurasiński:
Today’s brands must be able to demonstrate empathy and remain close to their clients (or rather fans). They should be able to release and channel emotions so as to strengthen their message. It is not true that there are brands that cannot be well-promoted — there are only marketers who lack imagination.

FF: Having so many events to choose from in October, why is worth to pick Filmteractive

Artur Kurasiński: Because (just as last year) it is an opportunity to hear very experienced people speaking live about the future of brands and marketing communication. If you plan to go to several conferences, don’t do it and go to Filmteractive instead. You won’t regret it!
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Artur Kurasiński
Author of blog.kurasinski.com, entrepreneur who analyses YouTube as a profession (co-author of Fokus and MUSE). He is the co-founder of the Aula Polska series and the Aulera Awards and has a vlog presenting the “Seria z AK74” programme. He supports and invests in early-stage technological projects.  A mentor, blogger, vlogger and an active industry commentator.

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