#AR #VR #GAMING: the best you can get from start-ups 2017
#AR #VR #GAMING: the best you can get from start-ups 2017

#AR #VR #GAMING: the best you can get from start-ups 2017


The panels of experts has selected eight interactive projects to the finals of this year’s fifth edition of Filmtercative Market. The winners will be announced on 17 October in the Film School in Łódź.

This year Filmteractive Market was rich in high-tech projects on different subjects. The festival will present designs which qualified for the finals and will compete for the main prize, and, more importantly, for investment’s attention.

The top projects include Monster Buster: World Invasion, an augmented reality project designed by Lithuanian artists. In the game, players capture monsters and arrange their fights in city space. To move to the next level, players have to walk around and explore new quarters of their city.
Run Like Hero is another project using augmented reality. The game was designed to make everyday practice a more exciting and pleasant experience. Joggers get an extra purpose in running - to accomplish their mission. When they reach their destination, they can learn interesting facts and stories related to a given place in the city. The mobile application uses a GPS module, hence the game is adjusted to reality.
Autistic virtual guide is yet another Polish project which has reached the finals of Filmteractive Market. It uses VR technology to show healthy people how persons with autism perceive the world and respond to various stimuli.  The number of people suffering from autism, in varying degrees, has reached 6 million in Europe and is growing. Limited communication skills, impeded functioning in the world translate into social exclusion. World of VR - since 2016 the project designers have cooperated with SYNAPSIS Foundation to implement an educational program supporting labour market activation focused on people with autism. The first video in the cycle entitled “My first day at work” shows communication in the workplace from the viewpoint of an autistic person.
Another VR project is entitled Warsaw Deleted. The objective of the designers was to show what Warsaw would like if World War II had never happened - would it really live up to its name of “Paris of the North”? For many years, Pictureworks Studio searched for designs of buildings created in interwar Warsaw which were never turned into reality. Thanks to interactive 360-degree visualization, a user can see Warsaw untouched by war.
VR 360 technology was also used in a French documentary/feature film Sex Buyer Xperience.  The movie criticizes prostitution perceived as a sales transaction. The objective of the filmmakers was to create an interactive virtual world presenting the life of prostitutes, and also to shock viewers, counteract pimping and break conventional thinking and taboos concerning rape and resulting trauma. The authors present historical facts and political strategies related to prostitution.

Fragment of Laura, a Portuguese project, is a mobile application, which enables discovering seven places in Funchal in a storytelling convention. The project objective is to improve tourist experience in Funchal and to present various parts of the city in a more relaxed and funny manner. Thanks to augmented reality, a tourist may track the story of Laura in the context of history and culture of Madeira.
The top eight also includes a Croatian project - Interactive comics, which combines video games with cartoons. Intuitive mechanics enable users to independently create their own cartoon. After the end of the game, the cartoon designed by the player may be printed out.
And last, but not least is a project entitled Great Poles VR. Its objective is to commemorate outstanding scientists, artists, sportsmen, architects, heroes and other figures through their interactive presentation using VR or 360-degree video experience.

On 17 October top eight projects will compete for the main prize of Filmteractive Market – PLN 8 000 and an invitation to MIPTV 2018.

The projects will be assed by the Jury composed of:  
Hicran Lefort (MIP)
Michał Kramarz (Google)
Kuba Dudek (SpeedUp Venture Capital Group)
Tomasz Kowalczyk (Bluesoft Ventures & Hardgamma Ventures)
Dorota Kosmicka-Gacke (ATM Group S.A.)
Anna Iller (Allegro Group)
Marek Grodziński (ABSL – Association of Business Service Leaders)
Rafał Baran (4Fun Media S.A.)
Dawid Marcinkowski (The Kissinger Twins)
Magdalena Drozdowska (Deloitte Digital)
Michał Jaskulski (Black Red White)

For a more detailed agenda, please go to filmteractive.eu

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