SUPERHOT – a super start-up –how to become a player!

SUPERHOT – a super start-up –how to become a player!


Universal acclaim, a successful start-up, thousands of fans all over the world and a game praised by the biggest names in the business – SUPERHOT is really HOT. But the Team is not slowing down. In winter 2016 fans will have a chance to immerse in virtual reality and play a game different than anything released before it.

SUPERHOT Team announced a release of special edition of the game for Oculus Rift and Touch. Work on VR version began as early as 2013 and almost instantly it was sure that it was going to take more time that initially predicted. In 2014 Oculus invited SUPERHOT Team to present their game at E3 – the most important event in the gaming world. In two weeks the designers prepared a demo version ready for presentation. The game turned out to be a hit and Oculus showcased it in the most visible part of their stand. E3 success was just a beginning: the demo circulated around the world – it was presented in Copenhagen, Los Angeles and Shanghai. The authors decided it was all or nothing and they completely redesigned the VR version. SUPERHOT VR has kept the unique style of PC version, but the rest has been completely revamped: refreshed plot, new unique content and a laser shootout gives the game an extraordinary feel and fully engages the player.

The idea for SUPERHOT was born in 2013 during 7 Day Person Shooter Game Challenge. Piotr Iwanicki (Game Director) together with a team of 10 people (some of them without any game design experience) were looking for an idea that would allow them to present their skills using as little resources as possible. They knew they had to take the audience by surprise and create something unforgettable. Iwanicki combined two gaming genres – turn-based strategy game and first person shooter – and SUPERHOT was born – a shooter, where time passes only when you move.

The game can be instantly recognized by a unique graphic design utilizing three colours: white, black and red. This minimalism was a result of a humble budget, but soon it became a trademark of the game.

Internet presentation of the demo version brought about positive feedback. SUPERHOT previews appeared on global portals such as Kotaku and WIRED and what’s more, the game was Steam Greenlighted in one weekend and received the platform’s recommendation. The creators decided to continue developing the game and started a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign. Basic funding ($100 000) was collected in 24 hours and the total amount of collected money was $257,798 thanks to 11,626 backers. One of them was Cliff Bleszynski – designer of Unreal and Gears of War, who commented: "Superhot singlehandedly has one of the most innovative features I've ever seen in a FPS and deserves all the monies."

After Kickstarter success, the time has come to roll up the sleeves and start hard work – new features were added along with a unique plot. Potential of SUPERHOT was spotted by Microsoft, which financed porting the game to Xbox One. SUPERHOT was released on 24 February 2016 for PC and 3 May 2016 for Xbox One. The game was universally praised by players and reviewers alike, receiving 82 score on

Piotr Iwanicki, Game Designer will be a special guest of this year’s edition of Filmteractive, held on 28-29 September in Lodz Film School.

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Marketing w erze wirtualnej rzeczywistości

W 2016 r. wartość globalnego rynku wirtualnej rzeczywistości po raz pierwszy sięgnie 1 mld dol. – prognozuje Deloitte. Czy VR to przyszłość marketingu? – 28 i 29 września na to pytanie odpowiedzą światowej sławy eksperci, którzy będą gościć na Filmteractive w Łodzi. Podczas wydarzenia Deloitte Digital zaprezentuje wyniki swojej współpracy z Oculus i przedpremierowymi kontrolerami ruchu Oculus Touch.