Top 8 VR startups of the month

Top 8 VR startups of the month


From more than 50 interactive projects submitted by creators from all over the world: from Australia, through Asia, Europe and up to the United States – an international panel of experts has chosen eight finalists of Filmteractive Market. The winner of this year’s main prize will be revealed on September 29 in Lodz Film School.

This year’s edition was rich in projects of varied themes and technological advancement. The projects which qualified to the final will be presented during Market. Chernobyl VR is a Polish creation, which takes the user on a virtual trip around Chernobyl and Pripyat. It allows to experience first-hand the state of abandoned city 30 years after one of the most disastrous nuclear catastrophes. The history is bound into a convention of a video game with educational and fictional narration.   

VR technology is also utilized by an American project – Immersive Combat VR series.  The players find themselves in the heart of a battle fought using various martial and combat arts like Kung Fu, Muay Thai or Medieval Combat. An original 360 degree camera allows to fully immerse in the ongoing skirmish.

Last Moment is a French VR film, combining thriller, video game and animation. The user is an actor, the main character and their decisions have direct influence on the plot. Another project focused on VR film experience comes from Spain: LUZ is an artistic experience, which allows us to join Mogen and Ray in their short journey and marvel at an unexpected ending. 

Works of art created by a Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosh inspired French authors to explore and present his paintings using cutting-edge VR technology - Temptation of St. Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch. The documentary examines one of his most recognisable masterpiece, triptych “Temptation of St. Anthony” and indulged users in an interactive analysis of the painting.
Luxemburg is represented by Virtelio, a tool allowing to create non-linear interactive movies in a simple, user-friendly way.

Christmas spirit is present in our Top 8 as well. Polish project LuChristmas offers an alternative to a traditional, „analogue” Christmas card. After downloading an app, a Christmas Card can be “expanded” using a mobile device. Things hidden in the virtual world will become visible. The project utilizes technology of augmented reality – AR.

The last but not least – a German project - Hitchhiker. It is a video game taking advantage of interactive storytelling. The user becomes the titular character, unaware of their own identity, past or intentions. Existential puzzles and conversations with drivers bring players one step closer to unraveling the history of Hitchhiker.

These 8 projects on September 28 will compete for the main prize of Filmteractive Market – 10 000 PLN and invitation to MIPTV 2017. Congratulations and see you in Lodz Film School!

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