Where are we headed - Creativity in the age of Data Driven Marketing

Where are we headed - Creativity in the age of Data Driven Marketing


As marketing dollars move from mass reach media to more targeted digital and even 1 to 1 mobile messaging, how do we ensure they are moving consumers emotionally – not just delivering an offer, product or price? 

Alan Schulman serves as National Director of Brand Creative & Content Marketing for Deloitte Digital US and because of his experience he was named one of North America’s “Creative All Stars” by ADVERTISING AGE Magazine in 2013. He just had to be one of the guests of festival of interactive communication – Filmteractive, which is held for the 6th time in Lodz Film School.

Alan has held Executive Creative & Content leadership roles at several leading global agencies including McCann-Erickson, FutureBrand Worldwide, Foote, Cone & Belding and most recently, as Chief Creative Officer of SapientNitro. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association. He is coming to Lodz as a special guest invited by the organisers of the festival.

On September 28 he will explain how to create personalized messaging for campaigns at scale. His theses are based on such tools as Big Data and Marketing automation. Although it is easy to verify their ability to facilitate delivery of 1 to 1 messages, it is still unsure whether or not they are moving the recipients emotionally. Except hearing examples of what personalized, 1 to 1 creative at scale looks like, it is an opportunity to understand how it will change the way campaigns are created and measured in the future.

More at www.filmteractive.eu

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VR Cinema by Samsung – Filmteractive 2016